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SoloLearn is an alternative to Khan Academy's coding section. The site is more "grown up" than Khan Academy's coding section, without being hard to navigate like Codecademy, Udemy or Udacity.


Each section is broken into short sub-sections and there are tabs to select text or video. They recommend starting with their HTML course, for those looking to learn coding from the web. Users can also advance to the more complicated sub-sections by passing the quiz.

Programming Languages Edit

Style Edit

The style on Sololearn includes a choice between text study and video study. The format involves short bursts of learning followed by a quiz question for understanding. The sections end with quizzes on the entire section the student covered.


SoloLearn also has apps for each of their courses for Android and iOS, available on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

The apps allow the downloading of offline assets to enable offline learning. In addition the apps are able to determine when the content has been updated, enabling the user to update the downloaded assets, keeping them up to date with latest learning content.

Videos however require an internet connection and are not downloaded as part of the assets.