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Background Edit

He originally joined Khan Academy as Sploderfan, but later changed his user name to Splo. He is high school aged. He created the orange character, Teeny, which is quite well known around both Khan Academy and Scratch.

Appearance Edit

Splo design July

The drawn version of Splo has green hair and wears an orange hoodie. Splo does NOT have green hair in real life. He has been asked this. Though, he does wear a hoodie in real life. His real hair color is brown.

Cartoon Splo has gone through some changes. Three version of cartoon Splo appear in this article. The most recent version being to the right.

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

  • on Khan Academy here.
  • Splo has won two of Pamela's contests (Contest: Generative Art and Contest: Create A Character).
  • Splo created Teeny, a beloved character on Khan Academy.
  • Splo has earned over 3 million energy points.
  • Splo has been a member of Khan Academy for over two years.

Scratch Highlights Edit

  • He can be found on Scratch [[1]].
  • He created the Team Khan Academy on Scratch where he is a manager.
  • He makes animations on Scratch usually featuring cartoon Splo
  • Sometimes makes animations with beloved Teeny and his friends
  • Very active on Scratch always making new programs

Wikia Highlights Edit

  • He also founded KAUSERS.
  • Has 254 edits on all of Wikia